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Our Program



Our program prepares children for learning and to successfully transition into public or private school. We believe by laying the foundation of learning early will empower children to excel and be successful during their educational experiences. And it will also encourage a child’s lifelong love of learning. Small Impressions Child Development Center provides a healthy, safe, loving, nurturing and stress free environment where learning is a never ending process.  We pay close attention to each child’s individual needs and nurture their growing interests by offering an environment that gives each child unlimited opportunities for self-expression through music, art, dramatic play, games, sports, indoor/outdoor  recreation, community involvement, technology education, and cultural appreciation and creative learning experiences. Additionally school age students  receive homework and tutorial assistance. Our facility is fun but also educational. 


We assist with preparing children for primary and secondary schooling by providing programs that not only build academic and social skills but also feelings of achievement and confidence through a combination of structured and unstructured activities. Through this approach, we foster the growth of the whole child and broaden their interest levels and help them become independent and inquisitive learners. We are totally dedicated to helping every child achieve the full measure of his or her potential.


Student achievement is our #1 priority. Our goal is to challenge each child so that they will able to maximize their learning experiences and reach their full academic potential. By growing academically, emotionally and socially our children will develop into well-adjusted adults. We align many of activities with the South Carolina Educational State Standards. These standards are also utilized by the Greenville County School District.